Worm Bin Plans

I will certainly be expanding this page (especially given the fact that worm composting is my “bread and butter”). For the time being, I thought it would make sense to at least include a few videos I made featuring easy-to-build DIY systems.

This video features a double-bin system (referred to as the “deluxe”) – the idea being that excess liquid can drain from the upper bin into the reservoir bin down below. I should mention that I don’t actually use this type of system anymore myself – I guess I’m just more of a K.I.S.S. kinda guy, preferring worm tubs without drainage (like the ones featured below).

This is a very simple single-bin “Rubbermaid” system that pretty anyone (with some sort of drill or hole-puncher) can set up.

This video features a system that I actually used to make and sell (via my Canadian worm composting business). Same basic design as the one featured in the previous video, but with greatly improved aeration thanks to the plastic vents.

Stay tuned – much more to come!